Industrial Volumetric Meter 特殊產業用流量計 ARD

Industrial Volumetric Meter 特殊產業用流量計 ARD



Sappel proposes a modular system based on the volumetric technology. Modules are available in various materials and can be assembled like a dominos. Big materials choice according to the nature of the measured liquid, may propose a specific solution to each measurement problem. Modular system give the possibility to exchange or add one or several module pulse emitter thereafter. Measuring chamber and rotary piston control and cleaning operations can be carried out on the site, because the ARD meter can be remained on site. It's possible to integrate a reheating device in the measuring chamber according to the type of liquid to measure. These meters have an important flowrate dynamic and even very low flowrates are recorded with precision.

•Volumetric meter
•Possibility to measure various liquids
•Important dynamic flowrate
•Different material possibilities for the piston