Wire Rope Tension meter 電纜鋼纜張力計 SY-600 / SY-1000

Wire Rope Tension meter 電纜鋼纜張力計 SY-600 / SY-1000

SY系列用於鋼簾線,高架線,拉力繩索,天線,電纜等張力的測定,也可用於控制和比較預拉伸得金屬絲的測量值, 最大線徑為20mm Ø
•大表盤,容易讀數 (100 mm Ø)

1. 測量原理是基於精確測量電纜偏差,這種偏差是由於兩個U型槽內滑塊滑動過程中產生的力造成的
2. 電纜的張力值是由於測量偏差的精密表盤式指示器標出讀數
3. 測量結果是依據線徑(mm)和相對應的(daN)換算表得出的
4. 電纜測量長度於兩固定點間最小距離為5米

型號 規格 
SY-600 張力範圍:500-1500daN;輪距:600mm;線徑:4-10mm
SY-1000 張力範圍:900-3000daN;輪距:1000mm;線徑:8-20mm

2 Tension ranges from 500 - 1500 daN up to 900 - 3000 daN
錨點Mechanical wire rope tension meter to determine the tension of overhead lines, tensioning ropes, contact wires, aerials, etc. up to max. 20 mm Ø.
錨點This hand-held unit is used for control and comparision measurement of pretensioned non running ropes.

Tension meter with large easy to read scale (100 mm Ø)

Special Features
< >Tension meter for rope diameters up to 20 mm Large easy to read scale (100 mm Ø)Standard Features

< >Rugged aluminium housingMeasuring Principle

With the two outer rollers, the device will be hooked into the strained rope. With a knurled screw, the middle roller will be brought in the measuring position. Operation is based on precisely measuring deflection, caused by the application of a force mid-way between two U-grooved pulley supports. Cable tensions are then determined by nothing the reading on a precision dial indicator that measures the deflection. The measuring result has to be converted from mm reading to the corresponding force in daN with the help of a conversion chart. The smalest rope length to be measured between two fixing points is 5 m.
錨點Available Models
ModelMeasuring Range*Roller DistanceRope Diameter*
SY-600500 - 1500 daN600 mm4 - 10 mm
SY-1000900 - 3000 daN1000 mm8 - 20 mm
錨點*Range and diameter can verify depending material and rope design
錨點Guide Rollers
Order-CodeModelRoller Material

StandardSY-600Aluminium (radius R7)
StandardSY-1000Aluminium (radius R12)

Accuracy:±5 % of reading
Scale diameter:100 mm
Rollers:Aluminium, Ø 65 mm
Housing material:Aluminium
Dimensions:SY-600: 680 x 58 x 237 mm (LxBxH)
SY-1000: 1080 x 58 x 247 mm (LxBxH)
Koffer: 1260 x 155 x 385 mm (LxBxH)
Weight, net (gross):SY-600: approx. 2.8 kg (approx. 11.4 kg)
SY-1000: approx. 3.5 kg (approx. 12.1 kg)