Zerogen Zero Air Generators 零值氣體產生器

Zerogen Zero Air Generators  零值氣體產生器


Zerogen Zero Air Generators通常用於結合一個氫發生器運行一個火焰離子化檢測器(FID)。一種氫發生器提供燃料,同時零空氣發生器提供烴自由空氣用於燃燒檢測器。 Zerogen Zero Air Generators具有一個催化燃燒器,其被電加熱到一個非常精確的溫度。在此升高的溫度下,所有的氣體中所含的烴分子通過催化劑對CO2和H2O轉化,向下到ppb水平。催化轉化是唯一可行的手段以除去烴類,特別是低分子量的像甲烷,這是不能由任何過濾器或化學吸氣劑被截留。
•流速從5到75 LPM

Labgas Zero Air Generators are commonly used in conjunction with a hydrogen generator to run a flame ionization detector (FID). A hydrogen generator provides fuel while a zero air generator provides hydrocarbon free air for combustion in the detector. Labgas Zero Air Generator has a catalytic combustor which is electrically heated to a very precise temperature. At this elevated temperature, all of the hydrocarbon molecules contained in the gas are converted by the catalyst to CO2 and H2O, down to ppb level. Catalytic conversion is the only practical means to remove hydrocarbons, particularly the low molecular ones like methane, which cannot be trapped by any filters or chemical getters. •Flow Rates from 5 up to 75 LPM
•Current Gas Flow and Catalyst Temperature display
•Operating/Stand-by Switch
•Parallel-run Option
•Remote Control and Alarm